Morgue  Insecurity – Free DL

Morgue Insecurity – Free DL

Morgue Insecurity – Free Download


Morgue is a UK born music producer, although has spent many years living outside of it. Having spent over ten years in Spain, two months in Peru and now Finland, his perspective on what music should be is relatively boundless and not tied to any particular scene.


Due to this he has always been considered a multi-genre electronic music producer – finding it virtually impossible to stick to just one tempo or vibe.

Although this track (Insecurity) is plainly drum n bass, making something so specific is unusual for him.
His main claim to fame to date is having produced the soundtrack to the video game the Carmageddon: Reincarnation and Carmageddon: Max Damage (PS4, Xbox One and PC) consisting of 12 tracks spanning various genres (Dubstep, Drum n bass, Drumstep, Big beat etc) with titles such as “Drop The Bomb” “Colossus” “Halls Of Morgue” and “Big And Clever”.

All of which can be found on YouTube, including some remixes of The Prodigy tracks such as “Spitfire” and “Narayan”. In addition to this he has performed DJ sets in most venues in Bristol, as well as Kendal Calling Festival in UK in 2013.

morgue insecurity

He currently is shifting away from electronic music production, rekindling his love for metal, although such energy can be found throughout his productions.

These days he is training his voice to sing to a professional standard with hopes to form a rock/metal band in the near future.

For more Morgue music search YouTube for “Morgue Original Music” or “Morgue Carmageddon”

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