FMR – Forbidden Musical Rites is a UK underground music record label founded in 2016.

Since its inception, Forbidden Musical Rites Records has become a powerhouse in the Drum & Bass, Breaks and Hip Hop Scene.

FMR’s current roster of artists cover over the all spectrum of drum and bass.

Always at the forefront of breaking new talent, FMR is always helping promoters and artists, to boost them career.

With a groundswell of support from the leading radio personalities, as well as the top DJ’s in the scene, FMR has grow in the best city to start. Bristol

If you are looking to boost your career as DJ, send us a demo 

are you looking for DJs or Producers?, check our roster 2017/18.

A bit of History:

At first, a bit of history… FMR start when four friends decided to start to promote parties in Bristol. Everyone had a special skill, to complement with the others.

From this meeting born: ” Drum & Birds
Lots of parties started from this beginning. Djs & Producers like: Dazee, Pull up collective, Il…

redfield pub

Launch Venues

We have to speak about the venues who made this possible.

Basement 45 & Red Lion

Basement 45 is based in Bristol on ” 8, Frogmore Street “

Red Lion is based in Bristol as well on, ” 206, Whitehall Road”

That venues offer us the opportunity to start, when nobody leave us to get any booking date. 

bristol venue
drum and birds

1 Year of Drum & Birds

Drum & Birds got the last 12th December his first anniversary. One year full of adventures, histories, bad and good moments, but after everything, Drum & Birds will get the 1st year.

Because this occasion should be celebrated, and we also realised about the spanish community support, we decided to bring for this special moment for us, the most spanish producers as possible, to bring them the opportunity to show them music to the people who live in Bristol.

For this occasion we brought ” Kursiva ” (South Yard / Run Tingz) he is making amazing tracks last two was released on C4C recordings and Serial Killaz records.

We can not forget, the support who DJ Dazee gave to us, in the last party on february. We still reminding that video she gift to us.
Humble, professional, legend and also great person , she has to be another of Anniversary headliners.

Some of those start later, and the others start from the beginning, but everyone, was working a lot to be where we are.

Rumble in the jungle ” was something we had in our vision when we start ” Drum and Birds “, face of this is the name of the djs like “Kalum”, “Kamoh”.

Or collaborations as Pablood Anco from Brain Holes.



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