Sign with a Record Label. Release your music with us. 


What we offer to you:


Professional post-production bringing clarity and dynamics to make the most of your sounds.

Working with us are people With over 20 years industry experience working with some of the biggest names, we pride ourselves on delivering top quality masters to improve clarity, definition & depth of recordings.

cygnus music


  • Our SEO & SEM professional team will plan a Social Media & Web Strategy, for your artwork. (Organic and paid marketing)
  • We will make a professional Press Release
  • We will send your track to Exclusive Djs, Top level Radio plays, and blogs of the scene, and we will get a feedback for you.
  • We can make the digital release cover artwork for you (As request)

We will make a full campaign report for your track, and we will send it to you.

promote your music


  • Your track will be in more than 140 stores & services such Apple Music, Amazon, Deezer, Youtube, Tidal, Beatport, Itunes, Spotify, Soundcloud and more…
  • We will put all of our effort in get the track featured.
  • As special request, we can make a crowd funding to press your artwork vinyl.
  • We will analyze your track progression, and we will make new tools to improve it.


As promoters we will get bookings for you for our label nights, we will contact you about this.



The producers who signed with us, get access to personal folder in our FTP, we can help you to set in your computer.

This folder have unlimited space, to give you a place where save your music or projects, without fill your hard disk.


Grant access to a producers space in our network, where you can find tools, and documents to help you in your job, also to do networking with our other artists


Technical Support

Computer Issues is a trouble which make you miss time. We have a special services offered by FixASAP, who grant you with technical support for music production, in case you need a IT.

What you have to do?

Easy, make music and a bit of support.

We think, the producers must focus the time in production, if you use your time in marketing, legal things, promotion… it’s impossible for you to create a good job.

That’s why you need a team, and we will be your team.

We just ask you to do on:

Social Media

  • Repost your track on your artist page at Soundcloud (We will give you a notice)
  • Repost the lists we will make with your track (We will give you a notice)
  • Keep your artist page live (Your fans need to know about you. We can help you on this, just ask us)
  • Have a biography, and press kit (We can help you on this, just ask us)
  • Share the post about you or your track at your artist page on facebook.

Interviews or Radio

Sometimes, Radios or Blogs want to interview you, or ask for stream for them radios. We will ask you to support us, because this will make a good promotion of your track

All the support you can give to us

We work on your track, with promotion, distribution and publishing, but doesn’t matter all the effort we put on it.



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