Bass Family 3rd Anniversary

Bass Family 3rd Anniversary

Save the Rave at Bass Family 3rd Anniversary. [ 10-NOV-2017 @ Cosmos (Seville – Spain)

A smashing Set, Save The Rave brought last 10th of November to The Bass Family 3rd Anniversary at Cosmos (Seville, Spain).

This one was the promo video for the event.

About the Event

Another year at Bass Family in which together we have enjoyed artists such as Telekinesis, Document One or DLR.

This time the one chosen for that great celebration is neither more nor less than Cruk (UK).


He started producing in 2010 and in 2012 joins the ranks of NeurofunkGrid with his song “Punisher” which was chosen for the first “Talents EP” achieving the recognition of artists of the likes of Black Sun Empire, Joe Ford or Billain.

His participation in “Soul Synthetic LP” released by Bad Taste Recordings confirmed his position as one of the most expectant producers in the Drum and Bass scene and thanks to his latest creation Bad Faith EP edited by Dispatch Recordings it has become clear that his position in the scene is more than consolidated.

Thanks to the technique of his productions and his skill to the dishes last year he was part of the Line up of Let It Roll where he shared the lineup with the greatest of the music scene.

The rest of the lineup is formed by the best DJs and spanish producers 

Oto (Kritikal crew) ??
Save the Rave (Melting Pot Records
Wake & Bake (Bass Company) 
Vandermou (Jack The Ripper) 
SETEDNB & LILAKK (Bass Company)

bass family sala cosmos save the rave

Here some of the pictures of Save The Rave from the event.

The Showcase for Sleep when you ‘re dead  at Drum and Birds in Bristol was Sold Out.

sleep when your dead

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